Bot fight mode block local server tasks!

Have people noticed that bot fight mode blocks tasks that run on the server? Also, it looks like adding your server IP to the exclusion list does not resolve the issue. So, is there a workaround that does not involve turning off bot fight mode entirely?


Is this regular Bot Fight Mode? Or is this a Super Bot Fight Mode?

Which exclusion list? The one at Firewall → Tools?


A task running on a server really shouldn’t go out through Cloudflare and back in to the server. Perhaps reconfigure the task so it runs locally?


May I ask if it’s about running a cronjob from the server which for example “visits” some URL of the domain (website) which is hosted on that server, or rather a cronjob from WordPress?

Even if allowed, have you got error like “rewrite or internal redirection cycle while internally redirecting to” in your error log file at the server?

Creating a Cloudflare Worker as a cronjob (for example each X minutes or every Y hour) which actually “fetch” the needed URL (if used wget on a server) that executes something (like php).

  • you might want to monitor Cloudflare Firewall Events for 24hours and see if it get caught by, if yes, allow this Cloudflare IPv6 by adding it to a Firewall Rule / IP Access Rules and you are good to go …

Good point. On my server(s), I use /etc/hosts for domain names on the server so they run tasks locally.

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Great feedback. I need to check. This was likely an indexing job by one of the facet/search plugins on WP, so would not be surprised if it is using wp-cron instead. Thanks guys

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