Bot Fight Mode and Wordfence

I enabled Bot Fight mode on my sites, and now it is blocking Wordfence with a JS Challenge on most, but not all of the sites. I added a firewall rule to “Allow” the Wordfence IP - - but this is still active and blocking access.

I am wondering if there is any way to bypass Bot Fight Mode?

I really want to use this feature. It surprises me that it would be set to stop the Wordfence Bot – I thought the goal was to stop known malicious bots (???).

You can only turn it on or off globally - there’s no way to specifically turn off this feature for certain traffic unfortunately.

There’s another advanced feature called Bot Management - which allows you to fine tune the bot traffic settings, but it’s only available on Enterprise plan.

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Thanks – I kind of guessed that, but why would Bot Fight mode block Wordfence? Isn’t it supposed to know the difference between good bots and bad? Is it unreasonable for me to expect that well-established security services would be whitelisted?

Also, I notice this is happening with all the free sites on my account, but not with my paid Pro sites. Does Bot Fight mode have different global settings for free vs. paid plans?

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