Bot Fight mode and Alexa?

I’m trying to deploy an Alexa skill to my web site hosted behind a reverse proxy, and the URL is getting a “JS Challenge” due to “bot Fight Mode”. I looked through the documentation and can’t find a way to bypass this check. Looking for help on how to get around this.


Bot Fight Mode is in the Firewall -> Tools section.

Yep - I can turn it off globally -but what I’d rather do is disable it only for this particular application, and I can’t see a way to do that. Turning it of globally does allow it to work.


If it’s getting a JS Challenge, it should be show up in the Firewall Event Log with what triggered it. Hopefully there will be some information in there that will let you create a Firewall Rule to Bypass a feature, or an Allow that won’t block that request.

Yep, JS Challenge in the Firewall log. I was hoping someone came across this particular skill issue before, as I can’t seem to craft the correct rule.

Can you post a screenshot of the expanded details from the Event?

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For the moment, Bot Fight will challenge any automated traffic to your site. The docs explain that Bot Fight might block your API traffic to your site. You can either request to add the Alexa skill as a verified bot or you would need to upgrade to Bot Management if you want more fine-graning control on the traffic to your zone.