Bot Fight Mode - Allow certain ... to get through?

Just discovered that certain pages were being blocked and was able to figure out it was the bot fight mode causing it. (Big deal)

Also realized that this same option was the cause of a problem I had for a long time in accessing my site through another service’s links. (not a big deal).

Any way to allow for certain URLs or Scripts to get through? Or is that part of the paid upgraded version?

Forgive me if I’m not using the right terminology. Thanks.

If SBFM is blocking the requests, you can add their source IP address(es) to your IP Access Rules and configure them to Allow.

Thank you very much.

I’ll reach out to the author of the plugin I use for those pages. Or is there a way for me to quickly figure it out on my own?

I suppose you could start by allowing the IP addresses that have already been blocked by SBFM, provided you know for certain they’re legitimate, but you’re best to check with the individual service(s) though to see what their IP range(s) are.

Thanks again. You’ve been a big help.

Have a good day.

I’ve realized now that I personally am being blocked by Cloudflare.

Okay, so I can add my own IP address in there. But what gives?
Why am I being confused with a bot?

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