Borrowdale dns records

I need someone to remove any CAA records and DNSsec records. so that I’m able to install a SSL certificate for

Cloudflare is a self-service platform so you’ll need to configure your DNS in the dashboard here…

DNSSEC is managed at your registrar but doesn’t seem to be enabled…

It seems you have NS records for marketing set in your DNS, do you mean to delegate nameservers for the subdomain?

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Thanks for coming back to me. Our hosting is with Xneelo. At the moment we need a double optin to go to but it shows to be unsecure. Please take note I have no knowledge about DNS records.

DNS for is not handled by Cloudflare. You will need to manage its CAA records in the Dotdigital nameservers that you have delegated.

% dig ns +short

If I have no technical knowledge about the above, is there a way to get support to see if the DNS records are okay? Dotdigital says the problem is not with them.
“So this domain isn’t registered through us so there is not a great amount we can help you with.
Your best bet will be to contact the domain registrar you purchased the domain through.”

They are mistaken in their assessment of it not being their problem. The CAA record that is being returned for is coming from their nameservers!

It is obvious that you would not have delegated that name to them unless they had directed you to. The only way you can change the CAA records for that name is to revoke the delegation. I would ask them about that.

If they don’t need the delegation, just delete it and see if that fixes it. If it doesn’t, we can dig deeper at that time.

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