Bookstack through Cloudflare proxy breaks buttons

I just set up a bookstack wiki and noticed that when it is proxied through Cloudflare it seems that some of the stuff doesn’t work.

An example of this is the profile tab in the top right. When I access the page without proxing through Cloudflare it is clickable but when proxied through Cloudflare clicking does nothing.

The same goes with things like making a new page. If I proxy then all I can edit is the title of the page, if I’m not proxying then I edit the body of the page.

Finally, other things like anything that has a collapsible menu does not work when proxied through Cloudflare.

Sounds like a JS issue. Are you having Mirage or RocketLoader activated?
If yes, pls deactiveate and clear all Cloudflare caches, then try again.



I had RocketLoader active. When I disabled that and purged the cache for the bookstack site it worked again.

Thanks for the help.

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