Compatibility Issues 404 Error

This is what I sent to bookmark: As of last night my sight was working. I’m not sure why it’s not now. I have domain registered with Google, I use Bookmark as services and building tool, and use Cloudflare on backend.
Their response: Thanks for getting in contact with me. Based on what you have described I would first remove the domain from CloudFlare. We are technically not CloudFlare compatible and that can and has caused problems in the past. There has been instances where it works when you ensure that the SSL they enable is turned off. But with that being said there are also instances when the website will just seem to drop (one was tied to a CloudFlare update)

Steps to take: Remove the domain from CloudFlare, change the DNS records on the registrar instead, publish the site again

Does anyone know how I can use both?

There are a few website builder hosts that just aren’t compatible with Cloudflare. Bookmark may very well be one such case due to the way they run DNS. Their response is pretty clear that they’re not compatible with Cloudflare.

Do you know from your expertise if there’s a work around? Or something similar to Cloudflare

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