Bonne configuration DNS pour ajouter une redirection .fr à un .com

Bonjour à tous,

Quelqu’un pourrait-il m’aiguiller pour réaliser une redirection de nom de domaine s’il vous plaît ?

Plus en détails :

  • Mon hébergeur est OVH
  • J’ai 2 noms de domaines identiques : un .com (le principal) et un .fr
  • Mon site principal est :

Ce que j’aimerais :

J’aimerais que lorsqu’un utilisateur tape l’URL :, qu’il soit rediriger vers l’URL suivante :

Merci d’avance.

Digital Cleek

Hi @digitalcleekfr ,

For setting up the Redirect Follow the steps below :point_down:

1.Login into Cloudflare Dashboard then , Open the side bar you can see a Rule Tab over there as shown in the image

2.Click on the Rules , then click on Create Page Rule

3.Then add the details as shown in the image and your done :white_check_mark:

4.Click on Save and Deploy

Revert back if this doesn’t work

Hu @Neeraj_1, thank you for your answer.

I have already tried this operation but as you can see in the picture below, I have an error: Code 1004

Any idea how to solve this case?

Hi @digitalcleekfr ,

Thanks for reverting back

You are adding the Page Rule in website account but you need to login to website account to setup the Page Redirect

Feel free to revert back if this doesn’t work


The rule has now been applied to the website account that I created for the occasion.

Should I import the DNS records of my website account? Or create new ones ? If yes, all of them ? Which ones ?

No need

Can you share a Screenshot ?

No need

Can you share a Screenshot ? of the rule ?


But I already have this error message “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” :


It’s because the website doesn’t have a hosting

I recommend you to use InfinityFree It’s Completely free as you just need for redirection it’s the best connect InfinityFree on your site & Redirection will make Place .


The website have a hosting, it is by in OVH.

I have a multi site account and a dedicated hosting.
That’s why i don’t know this error …

I contacted OVH support but they told me to go through Cloudflare support :tennis::roll_eyes:


Thanks for providing the Information

But Your Website is still not Live try contacting OVH Support & tell them that is not online Please make it Online !

In order for a page rule to fire there has to be a DNS entry. It doesn’t have to be a site that provides any service if you are doing forwarding.

So you could create an A record for digital pointing to and make it :orange:

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But do it work without a hosting ip address ?

Edit - Never mind i understood after seeing your old post

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