Bonjour je n'arrive pas à configurer mon systeme io sur cloudfare

Bonjour je n’arrive pas à configurer mon systeme io sur cloudfare avec Idem pour l’adresse mail Je suis complètement perdue. merci pour votre aide

Hello there,

What’s the error you are facing? Would you describe more? or show relevant screenshots?

Thank you for your answer. I entered all my informations from systeme io to Cloudflare but systeme io says that something wrong is occurring…I don’t know why and Cloudflare support doesn t answered me about that…
I had a 02 switch domain and I transferred it to Cloudflare
I dont know what to do differently or more

Did you check their guide? Here’s one:

May I know what’s the error that shows? You can drop the screenshot.

Does that mean you’ve already requested for customer support?

According to,

You have two days to add these DNS settings, otherwise the domain will automatically be dropped from the list.

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