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I have a domain not working. I did the test here and it’s BOGUS | DNSViz

The DNSSEC is disabled on Cloudflare dashboard. The registrar don’t have the DNSSEC option in their dashboard.

Is this on Cloudflare side or or on registrar side? And is this a DNSSEC error?

The domain is not working…


Your domain’s registry does return DNSSEC relevant data

$ dig +short DS

62032 8 2 C0D6B4C1101FBF45A3655FE51B75828DBAC2CA48E85A9A5D613F43C6 BFF7529A

and it lists DNSSEC as enabled

Name Server:
Name Server:
DNSSEC: signedDelegation

I am afraid that’s something you can only clarify with your registrar.

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