Bluehost / Wordpress - cpanel, DNS connecting issue

Hi, I am having an issue with Cloudflare connecting properly with my site.

I have purchased Cloudflare (Platinum package) through Bluehost back end (cpanel), downloaded and connected the plugin thorough wordpress backend and login in using the api key through there.
I have had a small amount of stats from yesterday and Cloudflare says its protecting the site on the dashboard here but I have pagespeed tested the site and Cloudflare is obviously not connected properly.
On my dashboard it says I need a full DNS setup but I have nothing to paste into Bluehost back end on the custom name servers change. Maybe i’m missing the original dns scan for the site?

I also have a option on my Bluehost add-ons back end to connect Cloudflare in which I connected it yesterday and the site crashed…

Not really sure where to go with it really as I haven’t got anything to change the custom name servers back end to point to Cloudflare and as the site is already registered on the dashboard here, so I can’t start from scratch and search directly through Cloudflare from the begining and do a dns search.

Any help would be much appreciated.


This is the dashboard…

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