Bluehost Website Account Suspended - Cloudflare pointing to wrong IP?

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On 9/2, I received an email from Cloudflare indicating that the name servers for my client’s Bluehost website no longer pointed to Cloudflare. The email gave the information my nameservers should point to in order to reactivate the domain.

After making the suggested change, the Bluehost website will no longer load. Instead, I now receive the following message when accessing the website: “This Account has been suspended. Contact your hosting provider for more information.”

After contacting Bluehost technical support, they agreed the issue was related to my Cloudflare account. They said that Cloudflare was pointing my record to “an incorrect IP address” for the website an advised the following: “Kindly reach out to Cloudflare to point your A record to: [IP ADDRESS PROVIDED].”

I emailed Cloudflare technical support with this information, including the corrected IP address provided by Bluehost. Assuming Cloudflare has a backlog of requests, does anyone here have a suggestion as to how I can resolve this issue on

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Hi @vagninienterprises,

Did you manage to get this resolved? Cloudflare won’t generally make DNS changes for you, If you want to use Cloudflare, you will need to log in and edit your DNS records in the dashboard to point to the new/correct IP.


Hi @vagninienterprises,
I noticed you had opened a ticket with us #1969388 but looks like it was solved by the auto-responder bot. Do you mind sending a reply to the same thread to reopen the ticket?
Basically @domjh is correct that Cloudflare support, or anyone in Cloudflare for that matter, only have read-only, audited access to customers dashboard by default, and we won’t make changes to the customer. But since the request contains account specific information (e.g origin IP address) it’s best to handle this in a support ticket.


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