Bluehost states there is no A record

After setting up account with Cloudflare, my site can’t be reached. Contacted Bluehost to resolve. Bluehost states there is no DNS showing for my url or pointing to another, Nameservers changed during set-up in Cloudflare. Please assist in resolving the issues. Thanks.

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I’m new at this. I’ll try it again. According to BlueHost, url doesn’t work do to no A record or DNS on file at BlueHost. They say issue is on Cloudflare’s end. Thanks.

If you don’t have an A record then you haven’t set up your DNS records correctly.

Can’t run a website without DNS records.

What are your current DNS settings within Cloudflare?

Here’s a screen shot of my settings within Cloudflare.

A lucky guess would be that your web server has the same IP address, so you just need an “A” record for with that IP address, just like all those other “A” records.


Here is the rest of the settings inside of Cloudflare.

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