Bluehost says i need to update the ip address?


Hey guys,

I just installed cloudflare by changing the bluehost nameservers to cloudflare’ nameservers. Now bluehost tells me this:

“Currently the domain is pointing to Cloudflare. Now you need to contact them to update the IP address internally to . Then only the domain will access the contents from our server.”

Do i need to do this? I didn’t see anything about this when i tried to install cloudflare. And if i need to do so, how do i do this?

Thanks guys.


You’ll want to go to your Cloudflare Dashboard, then to the DNS settings tab and add an A record using the IP of your BlueHost IP.

More about creating records can be found here.

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Thanks for the reply Withheld. I looked into the DNS tab and i see all the DNS A Type has been pointed to already. Except for localhost, which is

Should i leave it like this?

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Yes, if that the servers IP keep it. Also, review the other records from BlueHost and make sure to add them to Cloudflare.