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i need to switch from blogger to wp with bluehost, i pointed the ip but seems that it won’t propagate and they told me to contact you, i contacted the support 2 days ago but no answer, so what should i do, my domains are here, and no support for nothing.


If your domain is set to :orange:, the public IP address won’t change, as requests will still be proxied by Cloudflare.

Can you post your domain name?

And the Ticket # of your Support request.

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#3 is the domain
ticket 1652283


Did you update the records for as well as ‘www’?

If it’s at Bluehost, those two DNS records should both be “A” records with the IP addresses Bluehost has assigned to your website.

And just to confirm, the Cloudflare Nameservers listed below your DNS records here should be apollo and beth.


yesterday i did it inserted also the www and deleted my blogger integrations to pass to wp, but after 4 hrs nothing i can t be offline another time for nothing.


If you’d like us (Community members) to take a closer look for troubleshooting, set those DNS entries to :grey:. It will expose your origin IP address, but it’s the only way non-Cloudflare people can get enough information to troubleshoot this.


i have another domain and i didn t set in that way, we passed to wp 2 days ago always with bluehost and no problem.


Maybe @cloonan can take a look at your ticket.


ok noone answer me and i need to migrate to wp from 2 days i can t wait other time so how i can migrate my domain if the 60 days aren t passed, i paid them why i have no support. let me migrate them then.


i solved alone…

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