Bluehost error led to Conflicting DNSs -- website now incredibly slow

Recently my website went down when something went cross between Bluehost and my Free Cloudflare CDN account that was setup by Bluehost when I signed up for their services. When I contacted them as to why my website went down, they informed me that it had something to do with Cloudflare DNS’s. I’ve asked them to disable Cloudflare on their end which they did. It’s been over 72 hours since. The website went back up, but it was incredibly slow–as I would expect without a CDN.

This morning I signed up for a free Cloudlfare account–the same one that I had via Bluehost just direct through Cloudflare–but the website is still incredibly slow and now there are numerous different DNSs showing up when I check

My website is It is Bluehost-hosted and is a managed Wordpress account. It is currently password-protected, and the password plugin does state that it could cause issues with server-side caching. Not sure if this could be an issue…I have not acted on it because for weeks there were no issues so I didn’t figure this was the problem but providing the info here just in case. See below.

Below is what my DNS management screen looks like. I’m a total novice at all of this so I blocked out what looked private. If that is needed to be seen, please let me know.

…and below is what shows my DNSs to be.

Those records are DNS-Only. They’re quite public. :wink:

Those records are correct. It’s the same pair of addresses assigned by Cloudflare.

A CDN is only for static files, like Images, CSS, and JS. The slow part of a website is usually the HTML dynamically generated by WordPress.

Because your site is password protected, there isn’t anything Cloudflare can do because you can’t have those pages cached and then exposed to the public. It’s most likely an inefficient site configuration on a slow server.

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