Bluehost - Duda - Cloudflare

I host my domain in Bluehost. I built the website on Duda. I added Cloudflare to the mix so I could make my website invisible in certain parts of the world, but now it won’t populate. I can’t figure out how to change my dns settings properly??? Anyone know what to do???

Share the name of your domain so that we can guess.

Can you share an error message or number?

It’s difficult to guess :crystal_ball:, not knowing if you’ve done/correctly done the following:

Did you change your DNS settings on Bluehost to point your domain to Cloudflare, and then configure your Cloudflare DNS settings to point to Duda?

  1. Login to your Bluehost account, and navigate to ‘Domain Manager’.
  2. Next to your domain, click ‘DNS’, and change your nameservers to the ones provided by Cloudflare.
  3. Log in to your Cloudflare account, go to the DNS tab, and add ‘A’ records that point to your Duda IP address.

This should allow Cloudflare to manage your traffic, and route it to your Duda website. If the issue persists, ensure your Duda settings are correctly configured to accept connections from Cloudflare.

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