Bluehost domain name ended up at cloudflare

My bluehost domain name suddenly ended up at cloudflare, and now it is apparently registered at under with my name or email not listed anywhere. It was originally pointed from bluehost to my website at squarespace, and then all of a sudden it wasn’t and all this happened. The name is registered till later in the year and apparently locked. But I don’t know where it is locked. When I type in the name it goes to some random website. is the domain name . Can anyone explain what they think might have happened and what I have to do at cloudflare. On squarespace, it’s a DNS issue. On bluehost, it’s a DNS issue. On cloudflare it’s someone about name servers.


Hi there, sorry to hear about your issue.

Unfortunately, you’d have to contact the registrar (currrently and get it resolved with them. It’s possible that your domain wasn’t renewed at your previous registrar (Bluehost?) and that someone else then registered it or hijacked it.

I can see that the domain was registered on 2020-09-27. If you got your domain earlier than that, it expired. If this is exactly the date you registered your domain, it could be some sort of domain hijacking.

Updated Date: 2020-09-27T13:07:54Z 
Creation Date: 2020-09-27T13:07:54Z

That being said, contact NAME.COM with as much evidence as possible that you owned the domain (invoices, marketing materials, communication with BlueHost) to get your access and therefore your domain ownership restored.

Hope this helps.

Looks like your domain has 301 redirect setup for . You should liaise with your domain registrar or Web server to double check the server configuration file, if there is a redirect rule has been over written.

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