BlueHost DNSSEC Feature

Dear explorers,

I wanted to ask people who have their domains at BlueHost on how did they manage to enable DNSSEC because BlueHost requires you to use their own DNS Server until the DNSSEC Option pops up in the panel, I think this is a drawback as of using it as your domain registrar.

Abdullah J

Afraid that’s something you need to ask your host, this is not Cloudflare related. If they don’t enable it, you won’t be able to use it, but you need to clarify this with them.

I did already, they are saying to use their own NS for it to work.

Then you will have to do that or you switch registrar.

I want to see other BlueHost users experience.

I am afraid this forum is for Cloudflare and not support channel of your registrar. You really need to clarify this with your registrar.

I wanted to see BlueHost users experience on Cloudflare, Alright.

Please see my earlier response.

Cloudflare provides you with the DNSSEC settings you need to configure at your registrar. How you configure this is up to your registrar and you need to clarify this with them.

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