Bluehost deleted my site when I went to CF

Funny story: BH deleted my site yesterday when I went direct to CF. The site was advertised to go live in 14 hours from now. Lost 50 hours of work. Good Friday?

Oh wow, that is really something. I take it you have contacted them? Given that you are presumably paying them, not sure quite how or why they would do that - and they don’t have backups?!?

Backups from April 13. Took 6 Tech Chats to sort it out. They kept blaming CF.

You probably are already considering this given what happened. But given this and the fact that they really don’t seem to understand CF, I would seriously consider changing hosts. I appreciate that can’t bring back the hours of lost work though.

Given that CF doesn’t host your content, it is really a mystery how they try and pass on the blame for everything - they evidently just don’t understand CF at all.


I agree. I have to deal with the opening, then change hosts. Looking for backups on my HD also. Whom do you suggest for Hosting?

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Others will probably jump in and suggest here which is great.

Depends where you and your visitors mostly are… I am currently looking at changing host myself as their knowledge of Cloudflare seems to be going backwards, so no one to recommend really at the moment!

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Left BH years ago after about 10 years… First responce, always someone else’s problem until you escalated the issue. Very frustrating.

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I’m quite happy with Siteground. They have a great support response time, most issues are solved over chat, the wait in most days is no more than 5 minutes. When the agent doesn’t know enough, they will open a ticket on your behalf, and I rarely have to wait more than an hour to get a reply from support, after that exchanges are faster.

I’ve had a couple of issues with them, but I’ve learned that changing hosts is like changing dentists, the pain won’t go away. One issue was when they cut their logs from a single file with the accumulated logs of any calendar month to daily logs, and only for the past six days. They blamed it on the GDPR thing, but I was frustrated that no warning was given to customers. If you have a routine set up, it’s kinda annoying to be surprised like that. But no big deal.

Another issue was that they used to support mod_pagespeed, and dropped it out of the blue. This mod_pagespeed was really good, it sped things up and did the job of a few plugins.

On the good side, they just announced this month that all plans from now on will have daily backup, which is a boon. It saved me from trouble quite a few times. You can rewind your server state to any day up to 30 days prior, or just revert a single file, works really well. I already have this feature, as I’m on their second cheapest plan. Now all plans have it. Also, my plan now has free staging, which is great to have.

I prepaid 3 years to lock their promotional price, and I haven’t regretted. I hope I’ll be able to afford it at renewal time.

Before Siteground, I had a plan with A2 Hosting, and they were pretty good too. I don’t remember as many details, but one advantage they had over Siteground was that you could install Railgun in their basic plan, while Siteground will only let you run Railgun if you use Cloudflare through their platform, not via a direct account with CF. I had a few issues with A2, but now, looking back at them, I’m certain they were all related to my total ignorance of how a WordPress website works. Some of the issues, like constant 522 pages, were at first also present at Siteground, but went away as I properly configured my site, removed infringing plugins, added a real cronjob etc.


Now they say:

“If you change the IP from Clouldflare to us, the website will show this content” They want to host the DNS.

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If the content is there, they should be able to give you the DNS records for the site to work with Cloudflare. That is completely unreasonable!

Can you find a DNS panel in your BH control panel where you can edit DNS records there? You can then copy these records across to CF.


I went with Siteguard. Thanks. Now to find BH backups…


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