Bluehost Cloudflare option incompatible with Bluehost SSL

I selected the CDN option for my Bluehost website (created using WordPress), because I wanted to use Cloudflare to speed up my website globally. Right after this, I launched the site (yesterday). Today I found the site was down with an SSL error. I had received a free SSL certificate with the Bluehost account and was using that for my site. Also, I received a WordFence error that my DNS had changed.

I contacted Bluehost today about this and was told I can’t use Cloudflare CDN with the Bluehost-provided SSL, because the IP addresses were incompatible (between the CDN and the SSL. She said I can have one or the other, Bluehost SSL or Cloudflare CDN, but not both. She said if I want to keep the CDN, I would need to have them remove the SSL from my account. She said I should go to CloudFlare to get an SSL from them instead.

Since I couldn’t do this immediately, I opted to keep the Bluehost SSL and remove the Cloudhost CDN. I figured I would come and ask here what to do at this point.

It seems to me I should be able to have SSL and CDN both for my site.

I am also looking to do reseller hosting in the future and want to know if anyone knows a hosting company that knows how to offer secure (SSL) cloudflare CDN for its customers. I plan to create websites for global products and I’m sure my future customers will need CDN to insure their websites are lightning fast from any geo location.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

To be honest, with that response I’d strongly consider changing host. That response does not exactly instill a lot of confidence in their competence.

You always need two certificates. One on the server and one on Cloudflare. The latter is automatically provisioned by Cloudflare.

The whole issue in your case is most likely your host’s inability to have their own certificate verified/validated as long as your domain points to Cloudflare’s proxies and not their own servers. That can be an issue sometimes, but it is not an impossible task.

That’s very interesting… Thanks for your response.

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