BlueHost Cloudflare Issues

I’m working with a company that has a non-WordPress site on BlueHost that is being served/cached from Cloudflare even though the company does not have a Cloudflare account. This has resulted in a cached 301 redirect chain for the company’s homepage.

I have tried different browsers, different computers, cleared cache, restarted both the browsers and the computer to ensure it is not a browser caching issue and am still receiving the redirect chain. The homepage loads properly when the cf-cache-status Response Header is MISS and anytime we get the 301 redirect chain the cf-cache-status Response Header is HIT. So it is a Cloudflare caching related issue.

BlueHost said they could not clear the Cloudflare cache and to talk to Cloudflare to have the cache cleared, but that does not appear to be an option. How do I get the cache cleared? Is there a generic API key for the BlueHost sites? Do I need to have the company setup a Cloudflare account to override BlueHost’s defaults and if so would they be required to change their nameservers?

You are correct.

I suggest that you have your client turn off their Cloudflare integration at BlueHost.

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Thank you for the quick response. I’ll go back to BlueHost support since they removed the option to manually disable Cloudflare integration.

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That’s unfortunate. Are you saying that every BlueHost customer will now automatically get set up with Cloudflare, but without any control over it?

That does appear to be the case. After talking to BlueHost support again they cannot turn off the integration or clear the CloudFlare cache, and there are no CloudFlare options in any of their dashboards for me to use. Maybe a user with a WordPress site there would have more options, but that is not the case for me.

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There is a Bluehost article on disabling Cloudflare. I did it about a year ago for a client. Is that removed?

If it’s not possible any more that sure is a very sneaky way to save on server resources.

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Seems to be, according to the article, and support.

Manually disabling Cloudflare on the account is no longer available. To learn more, please contact our support.

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