Bluehost + Cloudflare + Caching Plugin Integration - can't get API token

We just set up a website with Bluehost, who provides Cloudflare by default. I wanted to use the WP_Fastest_Cache plugin. Integrating Cloudflare with this plugin requires a Cloudflare API Token. I went through all the steps in this tutoria (twice)l: "" but was unable to generate a token. Have also put in a support request with the plugin but heard nothing.

Does anyone know how to integrate Cloudflare from Bluehost with a Wordpress plugin?

Is this for the same account you are using here? I see one website (zone) in that account that shows as initializing, meaning you need to select a plan type.

The bluehost guide is here and may help

And this may help, The Ideal WP Fastest Cache Settings With CDNs [2023]

Once you have a plan type selected, to generate the token:
Go to and select the API Tokens menu at the top. If you can’t generate the token, make sure you have superadmin rights. Once you have a token, paste the token into the WP_Fastest_Cache plugin’s settings. Remember to properly configure Fastest Cache to work with Cloudflare.

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