Bluehost and Cloudflare

Hello, help, please, finally get confused in a simple question. The site is hosted by Bluehost and is connected by a plugin with DNS records to delivery from Cloudflare. Do I need to disable the hosting provider’s cache? Sorry for the translator and stupid text.

I’m assuming with “plugin” you mean you manually added the Cloudflare name-servers. Normally you don’t want two layers of cache as it might even work against good performance. I would suggest disabling your hosts cache if that is possible.
Though I do not have experience with Bluehost so this is just from experience with caching in general.

Als for future messages also adding your original (non translated) message can help as some people can translate it to another language they speak and it can help understand it better if words are translated weird by the translation. :slight_smile:

спасибо за предупреждение и за ясный ответ. надеюсь, ясность всем понятна. буду впедь обходить переводчики при вводе данных. оригинал.

Thanks for the warning and for the clear answer. I hope everyone understands clarity. I will continue to bypass translators when entering data. copy paste.

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