Bluehost and Cloudflare Integration Error

I have been trying to add Cloudflare to Bluehost website but I keep getting the error in the screenshot. This only happens with this particular website, other websites hosted on the same account allow me to add cloudflare with no issues.
Initially I tried through bluehost dashboard and I received that error message. I was advised by bluehost support that I need to purchase cloudflare first. I signed up on Cloudflare and added the domain to cloudflare. I also changed the nameservers on the domain registrar to cloudflare nameservers. On cloudflare side everyting looked fine and was showing active. However, when I tried clicking the “Add Cloudflare” on bluehost dashboard, still got the same error. Bluehost insists that cloudflare is responsible and can fix this. Much appreciate any thoughts.

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