Blue Host VPS + Cloud Flare Integration

Hey Everyone!

I first wanted to start off and say I am sorry for the beginner questions. I am new in the web space and I am just trying to learn how everything works together!

Okay, so I have a friend that helped me get a VPS setup through Blue Host. He recommended we get the pro subscription for what we are trying to accomplish. I put the nameservers to Cloudflare as I read online the changes to DNS settings when you have the managed by Cloudflare is a lot faster.

Question 1: Is there any downside to having the DNS settings managed by Cloudflare itself and not through BlueHost? Am I still getting all of the benefits of having Cloudflare even though it’s not directly through BlueHost?

Question 2: The certificate on my website still says it is through our CPanel, how do we get it to say Cloudflare?

If there are any articles you can also refer to me to maybe help me gain a better grasp of it all that would be awesome to :slight_smile:

Thank you,


Welcome Seth,

Just gonna jump in here and answer your questions real quick.

Question 1: Sometimes Bluehost will change the IP address of a server. If you use their nameservers, the DNS records are updated automatically. If you use Cloudflare DNS, then you’ll have to make those changes.

Question 2: You may have to wait a little while. Maybe try rebooting your computer to flush your DNS cache.

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