BluBrry PowerPress issues with Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Hi everyone, I have a Wordpress site with the BluBrry PowerPress plugin for podcasting. It’s working properly on my site and Google Podcasts. However, Spotify and Apple Podcasts are not picking up the new episodes. The following podcast validator seems to think the issue might be Cloudflare:

Apple Podcasts (only 1 ep): ‎Theology with Johnno on Apple Podcasts
Spotify Podcasts (also only 1 ep): Theology with Johnno | Podcast on Spotify

Can anyone suggest what Cloudflare settings I might adjust to troubleshoot this?

Hi there,

Checking your firewall events, 9ce4e284ff2a486aaa37d642bff5a079 might be what’s blocking Spotify and Apple Podcasts.
Since you’re on the free plan you have no managed ruleset option, so you can’t actually disable that rule, the remaining options are:

a) create a WAF rule to bypass managed rules:

…preferably only for Spotify and Apple Podcasts IP addresses.

b) upgrade to pro, so you can disable only the offending rule or create a manged rules exception for it.

Take care.

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