BluBrry Podcasting & Feed Validator Errors

I’m hoping there’s a simple exclusion to the firewall or page rules or something similar to help fix this issue. Our website is a podcast network hosting multiple podcasts with BluBrry. I just set up Cloudflare in recent weeks for our site domain and started noticing some issues after the fact that I’m assuming is with Cloudflare, as before the issue never existed.

When adding an RSS feed to the BluBrry service, I’m now getting "An error occurred processing your feed. Please validate your feed at Cast Feed Validator.
The requested URL returned error: 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

The feed I’m trying to add is correct, but according to Cast Feed Validator, I’m getting a warning about using Cloudflare, screenshot attached.

I read somewhere on this forum about making sure your podcast feed wasn’t cached, so I have the following Page Rules enabled. If these should be removed or modified, I’m open to suggestions.*
Cache Level: Bypass

Other than that, is there something I can do to allow there to be communication between BluBrry and Cloudflare? It doesn’t appear to affect the actual podcast episode from being published and played, but the errors on the backend of the BluBrry Dashboard persist, and therefore none of the show metadata is being imported from the RSS feed.

There is no issue delivering podcasts or other XML using Cloudflare. Delivering the media assets might get your zone booted from Cloudflare due to a Terms of Service violation.

I deliver respectable amounts of podcasts through Cloudflare without issue. I heavily Cache the feeds, again without issue.

Some Cloudflare features will not play well, mainly around Bot Management. And as there are plenty of third party apps that “syndicate” podcasts through third party cloud services, you might need to be careful with the firewall rules you create.

503 error is typically coming from your origin. I did a quick search :search: for error 503 #CommunityTip, Search results for 'error 503 #CommunityTip ' - Cloudflare Community and found the 503 CommunityTip.

You might also check your Cloudflare firewall logs for related messages.

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