Bloquear el trafico de EEUU

Si bloqueo States United con una regla de firewall, tendré consecuencias negativas, en posiscionamieto y rastreo de Google?


Short answer, yes.
Not only Google, rather LinkedIn bot, Twitter bot, Bing bot, Facebook preview link would stop working and similar issues.

But, in a Firewall rule you can use cf.client_bot field to bypass or allow “good bots”:

Furthermore, a workaround might be by validating if the request is “true” for one or multiple conditions:

  1. User-agent contains Googlebot
  2. IP is in IP list of Google:
  3. AS number is Google ASN (15169)

Regarding EU traffic, there is also a field continent which you might find useful?
Or, depending on a plan type you are using ip.geoip.is_in_european_union field (Business and Enterprise):


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