Blogvault backups not running - cant connect due to cloudflare block


When I first installed the blogvalut plugin to trial thier backup service backup syncs were working fine without issue. Now that my trial is finsihed and I have become a premium customer this is basically no longer working and cannot connect to blogvalut.

I did get an error message to advise that Cloudflare was blocking blogvault. However, I am not sure what WAF rule or setting this could be as the trial version was working without an issue.

It’s my guess that something needs to be whitelisted or allowed to pass through. The thing I don’t understand is why it allowed the trial to work without issue, And I don’t recall changing or doing any further hardening during the trial period.

Can anyone advise what I should be allowing? I have a the wordpress blogvault plugin installed. I read something about RPC ?

Is blogvault something that you host yourself, or does it connect to a 3rd party site? If it connects to a 3rd party site, then it is their Cloudflare setup that needs to be changed to allow your backups to work.

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Thank you for the recommendation. I contacted them and they gave me some IPs to whitelist. I did some reading and found these could be added to the IP Access section. It worked.



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