Blogger Status: Failed - HTTPS SSL Certificate failed to be processed

I have been trying for months to get my websites with subdomains to generate an https sitemap. SSL works on all of the URLs but for some reason, my sitemap is generating an HTTP version of the site map.

When I go into Blogger settings it is saying that my certificate failed. Do I need a need a txt file to verify on my DNS Cloudflare settings? Please help!


Here is the message from blogger.

Status: Failed - HTTPS SSL Certificate failed to be processed due to challenge data not being visible through the public internet. Check your DNS setup. The operation will retry shortly.

That sitemap file is there.

That’s somewhat vague, and they didn’t specify an error. It’s possible their connection was blocked by a firewall setting, or it just got an unexpected response.

Hi, please check this:

  1. Server settings and redirection.

  2. TLS protocols.

3. Firewall, links and ports.

That SSL Report error looks to have been just a temporary glitch.

What firewall setting would be blocking this? Something on Cloudflare?

Why does Blogger not want to generated a https site map? All of my sub domain pages are getting 3xx redirect SEO errors on

I use Google’s blogger and not sure how to adjust this? In Cloudflare or Blogger?

Do I turn this on SSL/TLS Recommender?

I tried moving from Flexible to Full SSL and received a Error 525 error.

Should I add a page rule for automatic https rewrites? To my site map?

Hi, please provide more info, a screenshot will be fine, ty.

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