Blogger help

Hi, Whenever I try putting a subdomain from cloudflare to blogger and change the CNAME, It NEVER works. I always get an error that says “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain.”

Well, did you follow the verification steps?

Which domain is it and which records of it did you try to add?

I did all the steps everything! I added the correct CNAMEs that are required.

Can you post a screenshot of the verification instructions Google gave you?

You managed to censor the one value that was crucial.

Post an uncensored screenshot.

yeah nice try, that is a private key, I’m not stupid


Alright, maybe someone else will try to help you.

dude its a secret key, why would I give it out

Totally secret, yes :wink:

Also, maybe you could try to avoid calling me “dude”. I am definitely not one of the Lebowskis.

Anyhow, I tried :slight_smile:

You might want to contact Google. It is their service after all you are having a problem with.

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