You have not been authorized to use this domain

How do I verify the domain using Cname for blogger .com?

I have
A points to
A mydomain .com points to
A mydomain .com points to
A points to
CNAME 3bgjwlvbbkpu is an alias of gv-xh5tvqku3y5ami.dv.googlehosted .com
CNAME www is an alias of .com

but blogger still complaining not authorized to use this domain.

then I go to Google Webmaster, if I verify using txt is working but if i verify using Cname failed.
However, blogger only have option for cname but not txt.

If blogger asks for a CNAME, and you verified in the DNS (by using a tool like nslookup) that hostname you added indeed points to the hostname you have set in Cloudflare DNS, then Cloudflare is not at fault here - Blogger should be getting this response like everyone else.

If however it points to something else - maybe you’ve not turned off the Cloud service for this DNS record? The Cloud icon next to it needs to be not orange (grey).

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