Blogger blogspot domain redirection warning

I have setup my blogspot domain with a freenom domain using Cloudflare NS.
My blogspot domain is:
I have added custom domain ( on Blogger dashboard, I have added one CNAME and 4 “A Record” for this as instructed by Google Online Documentation. Now everything is working fine only when proxy is disabled on Cloudflare DNS for all A records and cname. Whenever I turn on Proxy in CF DNS dashboard, the blogger’s blogspot redirection gives the following warning before moving traffic from “” to “”,

This blog is not hosted by Blogger and has not been checked for spam, viruses and other forms of malware.

Can somebody guide me to fix this issue, I want to use CF CDN and with Proxy turned off, I won’t work.

The problem with blogspot CMS, you are not allowed to move to other Hosting, from the very beginning you must setup your custom domain. so it means the 301 redirect will not work or the ranking will not transfer if you use Cloudflare. if you keep using it, your ranking will slowly drop

Hosting? I am not trying to host blogger to elsewhere, coz blogger’s blog can’t be hosted on a third-party website. If there has been any issue at blogspot hand, then it would not been working fine with proxy-disabled.

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