Blog redirecting too many times


I updated the Cloudflare WordPress plugin and since then my blog is stuck in a redirect loop. I renamed the plugins folder, deleted the plugin. However, the problem persists.

I think I tinkered with some settings on the cloudflare portal after installing the plugin as well. So that may be something as well.

Does any one have any pointers how do I solve this? No error logs are generated on my server so I can not debug this at my end.


Make sure your encryption mode is “Full strict” and you have a valid certificate on your server.

Umm, I used “Flexible” in the past. I thought would be a problem. To troubleshoot it I disabled it completely. However, the same problem persists.

How do I enable “Full Strict”? How do I get a self signed certificate? I’m on the free plan.

You shouldn’t use a self signed certificate as that is still insecure, just as Flexible.

Switch to “Full strict” and install either a Lets Encrypt certificate or a Cloudflare Origin certificate. The search will have more details for either point.

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