{blog provider} Custom Domain - I messed up dns records

I messed up dns records and deleted all of them. Then I added the ones {blog site} told me to.

However, I’m getting this error when i go to my website now:

Error 1016
Origin DNS error

Any help?

Follow {the} guide, which you did almost the opposite of. This is also not a Cloudflare issue.


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So, ignoring the useless black blocks as basically everything is shown.

If you want your {blog provider} domain to be on a subdomain (e.g., blog.example.com) you need to add a CNAME from that subdomain point to ghs.googlehosted.com, not a subdomain (ghs.googlehosted.com.example.com or similar) of your domain like you did.

If it’s at the root domain you’ll need to do the same but adding the IPs, like you did. It should work with a CNAME since Cloudflare allows you to do that, unlike most DNS providers (hence why Google says to add the IPs).

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