Blog Post not displaying featured image on all social media Network


Post from my blog failed to displayed featured image when links are shared on social media…but if i remove Cloudflare and allow direct traffic to origin server, images are diaplayed on all social media…

Pls kindly help me check my Cloudflare settings to see if i am missing something…

Thank you…

What is the site?


the site is

kindly help check.


Your site has a firewall rule blocking access by some broad criteria (geographic location? ASN?) This is more than likely blocking systems like Facebook from accessing your preview image.

For example, I can’t access your site at all from my home IP address, but I can if I use iCloud Private Relay.


I did not block facebook ASN, I have checked severally…or do you know any of facebook ASN?

Also the post image not displaying is across all social media and not facebook only…

This means that it not an ASN blocking factor, another security feature that might be preventing post image from displaying on social media

Kindly help check,


There’s no way for me to know exactly what rules you have in place, but you seem to be blocking whatever addresses they use to fetch the images. I would suggest removing rules and using Facebook’s sharing debugger to test it until it works.

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