Blog not showing new content on mobile unless we manually purge Cloudflare cache

When we publish a new article on our website, mobile users do not see it immediately until a user manually clears their browser cache, or we manually purge it from Cloudflare.

Users keep getting served cached content until we manually purge the cache from our Cloudflare dashboard.

We have already done a check with our hosting providers at Namecheap. When Cloudflare is paused, users are able to see new articles immediately after they refresh the page.

Cloudflare does not cache HTML by default. What feature or configuration you have enabled to cache your HTML?

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I’m not sure.

But is there a way to check that?

Thank you very much for the response.

Also, is there a way to return cache settings to default?

Thank you.

It would be in one of two places*:

  1. A Page Rule with a Cache Everything setting.
  2. A Cache Rule to make it Eligible for Cache.

There’s no magic way to do this. You would have to edit, or remove any settings you’ve added.

* There’s a third place, and that would be a CDN Cache Control header set at the origin, but this highly unlikely.

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Hi friend,

Thank you for following up.

So, we currently do not have any page rule at all on our Cloudflare cache rules. Just to underline that this issue somehow only affects mobile devices.

Thank you

What’s a URL that’s showing stale content for Mobile devices?