Blog attacked from loads of Android devices

Hi all! My blog was attacked by someone sending 100s or 1000s of requests per day to my start page. I was able to block this in .htaccess, as the attacker used certain VPNs, so I could simply block the ASN for that.

Now the attacker switched to a different tactic and sends 1.000-2.000 GET requests per day to a handfull of blog posts. These requests are direct accesses that all come from different Android devices, it seems. Or at least from different IPs that belong to Android devices according to GA. The locations are spread all over Germany, be it Hamburg or Munich, and for each IP, there are max. 2 requests only.

Does anybody have an idea how to stop this? I use Cloudflare free since Sunday, but so far, the attacks didn’t stop. I don’t really know what to do any more, I deactivated Google Ads, so that I don’t get kicked out (I guess this is also the goal of the attacker to make Google ban my AdSense account), but I have no idea how to stop these annoying attacks.

Any help or any ideas are welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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