Bloco IP Blocked

Hello, I do not know if this would be the best place to solve this question, but I did not get another form of contact. We are a small internet access provider in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and recently our IP block is unable to access any Cloudflare service, we would like someone to help us, our ip block is ​​and 2804: 2ff8 :: 0 / 32, please help us, if you can get forward to support maybe … thanks.

I Guess your range or ASN is blocked due to heavy malicious or suspicious behavior. Since this forum is mainly for customers to help other customers we can’t help you.

Maybe @cs-cf has a contact.

Would you please email noc (at) Cloudflare (dot) com with a traceroute and screenshots and they will investigate.


Everyone, yesterday at the end of the day everything worked normally, not where the solution came from, but until the moment everything is ok, I thank everyone for their help.

The problem occurred again, i already sent an e-mail to the noc bit i did not get an answer.

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