Blocking with Firewall Tools Doesn't Work

I’m trying to use the Firewall Tools, IP Access Rules section to block access to my site from a certain country. I have referenced the help page but this looks more like a bug.

I entered the country, kept the default block, default website selection, added a note, and clicked Add, but nothing happens. It doesn’t get added. I was successfully able to add a JavaScript challenge rule however. I then tried to change that rule from JS Challenge to Block. It looks like it works, but then I refresh the page and it just hangs forever, white page with a spinner icon. I navigate back to the main dashboard, then back to the IP Access Rules section, and the change hasn’t been saved, it’s the original JS Challenge selection.

I can see the rule, it may have been a temporary glitch, log out, login and try again. If that does not work, check to make sure you don’t have any adblocker running and/or try from a different browser/incognito tab and see if that has any effect. I don’t see any issues in #cloudflarestatus that would explain the issue you’re seeing. Let us know how it works.

I had already disabled my adblocker, had no effect. Just now, I tried:

  • Logging out and back in
  • Logging in through Safari (not my main browser, no extensions or cache/cookies)
  • Logging in through Safari Private

All had the same behavior as initially described, both for adding a new rule or trying to change the existing one back to “Block”. When you say you can see the rule, is it the JavaScript Challenge rule?

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