Blocking- Why ....?

Cloudflare Ray ID: 85089ba27ff0a7c5 • Why am I blocked from Doublelist, they say it is not them it is Cloudflare

Website owners can literally do what they want to do with their websites, that’s beyond the control of Cloudflare, even when the website owner choose to use Cloudflare.

Contact the website owner, and at the bare minimum, include the Ray ID you see on the error page, and they will be able to dig deeper in to the situation with you.

If you’re referring to Doublelist exactly as written, and there isn’t any typo or misspelling, I can add that I am also being blocked from my end, when trying to access the website at

To me, it seems like is headquartered in the Untied States?

As I am personally in Europe, one possible explanation could for example be because Doublelist has added geographical restrictions to their website, such as blocking all visitors from outside their own continent (North America), a such kind of restriction would obviously be blocking me, given that I am in Europe.

Doublelist is the only party who’re able to help you in this case, as it is their Cloudflare configuration that is causing the block.


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