Blocking Vercel

Hi guys

I am trying to block sites from from accessing my site.

I added the rules in place for it but it doesnt seem to work

Is there anything wrong with my rules?

The “Hostname” criteria will not work as the “hostname” is referring to websites own by you but not someone else’s website.

Then, for IP address check, you may just use the “is in” operator to match multiple IP addresses instead of using the “Or” logical operator.

Ok but with my rules even with IP it should be blocking Vercel right?

(as i used their load balancer IP)

But it doesnt seem to be

Their load balancer IP doesn’t necessarily mean their outbound IP to connect to other IP addresses.

However, after reading their documentation, it seems like you can’t block Vercel’s outbound IP addresses as their IP addresses are dynamic in nature.

So, I don’t think you had luck blocking Vercel from accessing your website.