Blocking unwanted traffics

Hi All, new here. My website receiving an unusual abandon cart activity since few days, like 600 checkout initiate in 1 hour, couple random time a day.

I tried to find IP source and all seems different country from China, France, Singapore etc. No 1 country to block to get relieved at server level.

Hence I joined cloudflare today, with hope to create some sort of rule to filter such unwanted traffic, who visit 1 specific URL - more than x times - in x minutes = block for 1 day etc.

Appreciate if someone can point to right direction, on how to achieve this please.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there!

You can block specific request patterns with Custom Rules:

You can enable bot protection with Bot Fight Mode:

And you can rate limit request rate with Rate Limiting Rules:

All of these are included in the Free plan. Hopefully you can find something that helps, but let us know if you still have issues.

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