Blocking traffic from outside UAE

We have web application hosted in United Arab Emirates, we need to limit the inbound traffic to UAE only blocking other traffic coming from other countries and also we want to keep the IP address of the server which hosted the application within UAE IP range. Is there a way to use CloudFlare to accomplish our requirement?

Cloudflare’s firewall will let you block all but a selected country. But you might still want to let good bots in, like Googlebot.

Thank you for your help and clarification it is really helpful. we also need to keep the domain IP address showing as within UAE IP ranges, the reason behind that is: our application is integrated with a government entity, to upload some confidential data to their servers via web service and they accept messages from applications hosted in UAE only (Local IP address) , i think if we add the domain to Cloudflare then its IP will be global! is this correct?

No, since Cloudflare is registered in the US, and all of their edge IPs are registered to the US it will appear as a US-based website, even if you are being served by the UAE colo

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Unless you’re at the Enterprise level, the IP address of your website will belong to Cloudflare.

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I’m not sure how your site works, but if it’s a back end process that uploads the data, it should still come from your server’s origin IP address. The Cloudflare IP address is only for inbound traffic to your website.


Thank you for your feedback, it sounds logical i will try it, however can i add application URL to CloudFlare which is in domain A record binding to IIS web application? i need to control the application only not all the domain.

You can add another Field for the URL and choose “contains” or “equals” so the rule applies to just that URL.

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