Blocking site requests using cloudflare firewall

Hi i’m trying to block requests from my site. Basically there are some elements in the page that shouldnt be there and after trying to remove them from the site, regenerating all the caches it still appears. Im trying to block all facebook elements from my site, basically anything that pulls content from, how do i configure this in the firewall as its taking up significant load time due to heavy js and late sending of data?

Cloudflare does not pull content from foreign pages and you also can’t use Cloudflare’s Firewall to block requests from your site. I also doubt that your page is downloading that content and serving it from your host directly. If it does, you need to block access from your host with IP Tables, ufw or Windows Firewall.

But usually this stuff is just embedded and clients do resolve it on their own. Clean the code if possible or get a different theme.

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Sorry for the late reply. the cause is a plugin but theres no way to clear it as the site relies on the plugin but theres no way to understand the database for anything added to it.

I understand that the request goes to the site directly instead of going through my host or cloudflare. oddly enough the problem seems to have gone away by itself. Just retested my site and all the facebook requests are gone. I would’ve liked to check the headers from gtmetrix but didnt save the test as looking at the response and request headers can give a clue to how it gets requested in the first place which if i remember is a request directed at my site which requests a script from facebook. This has disappeared which is great.

Now all i have to do is figure out why for wordpress logos take long to load in, making load times seem long on paper but with the images lazy loaded and cloudflare rocket, loads very fast perceptably to the visitor.

So lets assume that the request to download something from facebook is done through a request to my site like ?somelongstring=facebook.comsomelongstring , how would i block this using cloudflare?

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