Blocking Script Rocket Loader

Hi there,

we are working on this website
And we have duplicate scripts with Rocket Loader.

any idea on why is it happening?



Not sure what that is supposed to mean but you can simply disable Rocket Loader.

we simply would like to use it without seeing duplicate scripts. That’s all.
Is it something wanted having duplicate scripts using Rocket Loader?

Again, I am not sure what you mean by duplicate scripts.

I’m sorry for that. In effect there were 2 codes below I do not see right now.

<script src="" data-cf-settings="392fee055a21cc5deedd270d-|49"></script>`

So you are referring to the two script tags loading Rocket Loader?

That generally shouldnt be an issue, however it should happen either. You might want to open a support ticket in this case.

<script src="" data-cf-settings="392fee055a21cc5deedd270d-|49" defer=""></script>

Thank you for this. And how to open a ticket. I do not see this option.

Thank you very much Sandro. Best.

but the page does not exist

Forgot an S.

Thanks again.

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