Blocking scan websites

hello i wonder when cloudflare will take those kind of website like ( , zoomeye , censys …) seriously , I want to block all of them but there’s too many ips to block i hope cloudflare add option to block them

You could start by using Super Bot Fight Mode but if any of these are verified bots then you would have to create firewall rules based on IP/user agent/ASN.

i have super bot fighter mode but it’s doesn’t do the job :disappointed:

In which case you will have to look through your server logs and determine what IP/ASN/user agents to block via firewall rules.

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i wish it was that easy digging in logs of 50 k daily visitor is nightmare 🥲🥲

You don’t need to look at every single record - a free tool like Log Parser 2.2 could help, or using something like Datadog.

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Cloudflare provides tools you can use to make your own rules, but generally does not make decisions about what requests to block without you configuring things yourself.

Personally, I subscribe to Shodan and similar tools as they tell me where things are misconfigured. Blocking these tools does not fix the problems I might have.


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