Blocking RSS feeds. Use equals or contains?


I am currently working on blocking some rss feed scrapers.

I would just like to know to recommend choice, as I think one of these choices could cause a problem


When blocking /feed

Is it best to use equals or contains ?

I ask this question because. If I use “contains” this could block any articles I have on my site that may have the word “feed” in it. Would that be correct?

Well, equals and contains do exactly what their names suggest. One fires when the string is an exact match, the other if it contains said string.

So as for your question, yes, of course it will block requests which contain /feed as that is exactly what the rule will specify.

That being said, of course it only applies to the field in question. If you check the path, you can have a thousand /feeds in your article text, it still won’t get blocked.

Rule operators and grouping symbols · Cloudflare Ruleset Engine docs has more on that.

If your feed path is /feed, you should be all right with equals however.

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