Blocking related issues

I am blocked some countries traffic with WAF option, but still, in GSC, there are impressions showing from that countries. Why it’s not working and how to fix it?


Sorry to hear you are having some issues. When you take a look at analytics via Cloudflare are you able to sort by the countries you have blocks in place for? Then once you do that sort it by edge status code you should see them as 403’s. If not the rule may not be working correctly.

What option did you use in the WAF to block these certain countries? Is your zone locked down to Cloudflare Ip’s? If we still see some 200’s that are getting through your rules we may need to tweak the custom rule.

If you can please provide the zone in question that will help us see what could be the issue.

Check this. I am blocked these countries but still there is a data showing from these countries in Google Search Console.